What We Do

ctg crafts first-class systems tailored to your needs

We create first-class telecom systems and computer networks designed just for your businesses. Whether your company requires a cutting-edge Voice-over-IP (VoIP), a simple phone line, computer or network expertise, security, video Contemporary Tech Group has the experience to deliver the perfect solution. For many companies and organizations, a traditional voice phone system is a solid choice. While for others, a voice over IP (VOIP) is ideal for being on the front line. What is the crucial difference between CTG and many other telecom providers? Instead of trying to sell you a one-size-solution, we will always do what is best for the you, the client. No matter what you need, we will provide professional and affordable services and products. Your company depends on a fast, reliable, and secure computer network that is serviced by a prompt, knowledgeable, and reliable company. Contemporary Tech Group fits that bill at very competitive pricing.

At CTG,  we are not only experts in installing and servicing a variety of systems and computer networks, we also excel at cabling: ethernet, fiber, coax, and copper. We do new runs and repair old ones including certifying them on request. We are also experts on various types and sizes of panels. If your wiring closet is a jumble, we can make it neat and organized.

Contemporary Tech Group services all major brands of analog and digital phone systems. We also stock used systems and parts. Plus, we take the worry out of keeping your systems up and running. How? By not only providing 24/7 support but also offering maintenance agreements.

There are many other systems that we install and service. Email us for more information now at [email protected] or give us a call: 401-467-1100 or 617-380-7979.

Computers and Networking

We offer robust scalable networking technologies and IT solutions for small to medium size businesses. CTG provide complete computer networking deliverables for companies looking to leverage the power of the internet, while keeping operating costs in budget.

Phone Systems

For many companies and organizations a traditional voice phone systems is a solid choice; while for others, a voice over IP (VOIP) is ideal for being on the front line. Whether your company requires a cutting-edge Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or a simple phone line, Contemporary Tech Group has the experience to deliver the perfect solution.

Cabling Experts

We excel at cabling: ethernet, fiber, coax, and copper. We do new runs and repair old ones including certifying them on request. Looking at your wiring closet in dismay? Don’t know where to start? Contemporary Tech Group can give your wiring closet a makeover. We are also experts on various types and sizes of panels.

Entry Control & ID Cards

There are a many applications in which entry control / ID card systems can provide security and convenience. With CTG’s knowledge base of evolving technology, we know that ID entry control must be multi-functional. First, they are to act as personal identification. Second, they must integrate with either access control systems, time and attendance tracking, financial transactions, or building entry. And third, with a smart chip added, ID cards can control access to computers and networks.

Sound Systems

Distributing audio throughout a commercial space is different than a sound system for a home, as is the equipment and how you connect it. Contemporary Tech Group has a dedicated staff that will design your audio system to bring your business, organization, community center, conference room or lobby alive with amazing sound.

Video Installation

Need help getting that TV up on the wall? Put down the tools and have a knowledgeable CTG tech do it for you. Give your home theater or conference room the upgrade it deserves! Not only do will we connect all necessary video and basic audio components, but we will also integrate any necessary peripheral devices, and neatly dress the wires, concealing in-wall rated wires or masking externally wires.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has matured into a reliable and indispensable business telecommunications tool. Choosing between different implementations, however, can be difficult, so we’re here to help. Part of CTG’s business-geared, voice over IP (VoIP) packages, allow for shared meetings and dynamically changing voice calls to video calls at the touch of a button, all without having to establish a new connection.

Evacuation Alerts

Contemporary Tech Group empowers your organization to streamline evacuation alerts. Then you can quickly perform whatever functions are crucial to notifying and alerting staff. Alerts can be sent to only those staff members you have identified or to pre-defined groups which have been set-up ahead of time. Once an alert has been delivered, your recipients can acknowledge, and send a response.


Adding surveillance to your company or home security solution can be a practical and economical way to protect and secure your property. However, CTG is aware that there are many options for clients to sift through and not every business or home have the same surveillance requirements. We ask the right questions to help you choose the best surveillance system for your needs.

Paging Specialists

We have been providing paging systems to a variety of industries, for every communication challenge you can imagine.  CTG is aware that every paging solution is unique and we therefore tailor to your needs whether it is for logistics, offices, manufacturing, churches, restaurants, retail or warehouses. You name the need, we provide the specialists.